Monday, 21 January 2013


this is my super-car it is not motorized but it has steering and a Lego v8 and some detail. I built it one night because I started a little bit and couldn't stop because everything worked out so well for me. I didn't use any of the common parts that other people use because i didn't actually own a super car model of any sort so i made do with pretty much the crane truck and flatbed. But on a recent trip to LegoLand I bought myself a super car (I cant remember the set number) i'm really looking forward to building more of these types of models.

I'm Sorry!

Not that many people at all actually ever look at this blog but, I have decided to update it much more frequently and with a little bit more detail. I have built a couple of things since my last post and taken pictures, videos etc. I will stop neglecting this site right about now, I hope.