Sunday, 11 December 2011


This is my excavator, it has a fully functional arm controlled by four switches on the top one for the linear actuators and the three for the pneumatic rams.
The pneumatics are controlled by one pneumatic pump.
The drive and rotation however are controlled manually.


This is my small chainsaw, it is based on "sariels" bigger one.
Sadly this has no electrical functions because it is too small but you can spin the chain manually.
If you want instructions leave i in the comment.

Mini Excavator

This is my first post which is a mini digger it has a fully functional arm and O.K detail.
you can use the main body of this to make a bulldozer, bobcat or anything with tracks really.(more ideas coming soon)
it is 6 studs high with arm down and 16 studs long with the arm fully extended.